Twin Stars of Imladris

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"Have you marked the brethren Elladan and Elrohir? Less sombre is their gear than the others', and they are fair and gallant like Elven Lords and that is not to be wondered at in the sons of Elrond of Rivendell."

This site is a tribute to the sons of Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir. They deserve a little shrine of their own on the internet because they were forgotten by the makers of the Lord of the Rings movie and because most don't even really pay attention to them.

I just want to show my love for the twins on this webpage and hope to affect other people as well, because they are two great characters in the books of J. R. R. Tolkien and great material to write fanfiction with.

Update: 02/2005: Changed the gallery. I know it's been a long while, but I've been busy, hehe.

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The twin stars of Imladris

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Disclaimer: This is a non profit site, no copyright infringement intended. I don't own Elladan and Elrohir, or any other characters made by Tolkien that are mentioned here.
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